Vivian & Phill, Breakfast Point Sydney

Dear Avi , Alia & Rose Wow…OMG From the moment we walked into your studio and looked around at your creative Art work I instantly fell in love with your creations and I knew from that moment this is what I would love to have.

My darling Husband was also captivated he knew by the look on my face and asked me “ would I like this for my Birthday”, what a gift! we couldn’t stop talking about it trying to visualize what sort of pose I would do and what I will wear and so on.

Through the eye of a lens you captured that all inspiring pose and did an amazing job, not only did I reveal my sole you captured this in an awesome way and gave it the Wow factor.

From the day of the shoot, not for one moment did I feel awkward, you have this calming effect which reflects in your personality, forget about the bottle of Mum Champagne you made me feel very special and when we finished I couldn’t wait to see view the finished product.

You are very talented Avi to say the least! and the reaction I have had from family and friend is Wow Wow OMG and so on, they said you have taken 25 years off me and words to this effect you remind me of Jane Fonder in the movie Barberella .

Alia you also did an amazing job, you made me feel very relaxed and kept my husband occupied while we did the shoot on the day of his birthday ,Who’s Birthday present was it?

Rose you did a fabulous job on my hair and makeup, you made me look flawless, thank you once again.

Vivian & Phill, Breakfast Point Sydney