SEDUCTIVE ART™ Gallery by Avi Ohana

Established in 2004, Seductive Art™ Gallery celebrates the warmth and beauty of the human form combined with Avi Ohana's inspirational artistic vision to produce timeless artworks.

Located in the classical beauty of Sydney's The Rocks, our innovative gallery displays sculptured nudes in both black & white and colour as well as architectural photography; and boasts an eclectic clientele from local residents to international collectors of art photography.

Dream makeover meets art photography

Avi Ohana also utilises the art gallery as a concept store for clients wishing to identify and relate to the style and quality of his work — to enable them to create their own unique sculptured nude in the form of a photograph.


Book a photo shoot with Avi Ohana for July or August 2018 and pay only $295 for the session - Save $100

make your enquiry for availability via our contact us page

All artworks sold here can be purchased framed or unframed, packaged and freighted to our clients' wishes.