Kent Ritter, USA

Avi and Alia,

Somehow the packages got split up during shipment , so the first one got here on February 2nd and the tube got here on February 4th . No worries , as all is good and in our hands . The timing worked out good because the weekend was the first time both Jerri and I were off work and home together , so we had an opening ceremony of sorts over the weekend to view together the awesome work you did for us ! As expected , we were both very pleased with the results and speechless . Jerri really liked the work with the color , and was pleasantly surprised . I had never told her I ordered more of the prints or the book . Speaking of the book , you know how badly I wanted that , and I am thrilled with it . I will get many hours of enjoyment from it , and actually already have . We will also share it discerningly with some others .

Jerri was only slightly disappointed when I produced the packages to surprise her that I had not done a shoot and that there was nothing done of me . I didn’t bother to tell her ( although with her copied on this she will now know ) we have made plans to do a shoot of both of us when we next visit .

Thank you so much for working with us . We not only value our professional relationship , but also our friendship with you .


Kent Ritter, USA