Kylie H, Sydney

Over the course of a year I lost 20 kilos and wanted to celebrate my 30th Birthday by doing something extraordinary. I founds Celebrity Vogue via the web and from the gallery pictures of the nude photography I thought, that's what I want to do! I spoke to Avi the photographer by phone who explained to me about his photography and how he will work with you to get the best images of you.

I was put at easy when it was getting close to my session date and was overwhelmed with insecurities about my size and shape and wanted to cancel thinking that I just couldn't do it. Avi called me to assure me I was in good hands and that every body was different and beautiful in their own way. I went from feelings of doubt about myself to feeling so confident I could do anything. My session day was awesome!! I had Rosy as my hair and make-up artist who worked her magical brushes to have me looking like a Goddess! I was nervous but feeling gorgeous from Rosy and her fabulous expertise.

Avi was wonderful during my photo session, at one point I had to remind myself I was actually doing this, I was nude!! because I was having such a good time. After my photo session Avi sat with me to go through all my pictures and advise of the best ones to choose to grace my apartment walls. Avi and his partner in crime (His gorgeous wife Alia) even organised to have my pictures framed by the best so they last a lifetime, my grandkids are going to say they had a hot nanna!

All in all I felt like a million Dollars! I look at my pictures now and cant help but smile to myself. It was by far the best birthday present I've even given myself.

Love you both heaps oxoxo

You know ill be back ;)

Kylie H, Sydney