Thanks Avi, What can I say !!!! OMG is right. Im glad I took the photos of Allan. He does LOVE them. He did say, "I don't want to know how much they costed" , I said "don't worry Im not going to tell you..." He was impressed that you signed them. He said today, have I put my photos in to be framed Yet ? Did you notice the gloves? The photos are safe and I will get them framed ASAP. Cant wait to hang them up in our new home.

I men't to tell you I felt like a walking bill board for "Celebrity Vogue Photography", catching the train home. Could not stop smiling.

"My sincere wish for you in 2013 is that your life be filled with dreams, magic and love. I hope you read a lot, learn heaps and kiss someone who wants to kiss you back :) I hope you live, laugh, sing, be happy and inspire others to do the same.

I hope you create something beautiful from nothing and others appreciate you for being you, I hope you are loved. I hope you are wise, strong and kind to others (God knows our world needs this right now), be young, be free, be healthy….trust, hope and enjoy each day.

Leave yourself imprinted on peoples hearts so they remember all you are and all you will become. Surprise yourself in 2013…. and most important of all…. Be YOU! because you are Beautiful….. ♥"

Avi, Please never stop what you are doing , You make woman like me, blossom. I know you are smiling. I am so glad I met you , Thank you.

Lots love Elizabeth :)