BeAnne & Thomas, USA

Our trip and experience in Sydney was memorable beyond words. We will remember our time in Australia for the rest of our lives. During our last dinner there we talked about everything we did and we talked about our favorite parts of the trip. We both agreed that our time with you at the studio was one of our favorites.

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for the memory you created for us. Thomas is a little more modest and I was a little worried that it might be a bit much for him, but your little family there made us feel so at ease. From the moment we walked in to the door to the moment we shared our farewell hug, we felt like family.

Having a very skilled and professional makeup artist create a beautiful face and fun sexy hair was dazzling. I felt like a princess and I couldn't stop smiling. I felt so beautiful looking in the mirror watching a different side of myself come to life. It was truly a dream come true. I wasn't sure how it would be in front of the camera, but Avi made it so easy. He made it playful and fun and took away any and all inhibitions. Like most females, I'm very aware of my imperfections. As hard as I work on taking care of myself, there are always those days when I see myself in a certain light and all I can see are the blemishes. In front of the camera, I felt perfect within all those little imperfections. I felt sexy and desirable and adorable and sweet. It was absolutely magical!!!

To sit in front of the screen and see the beauty Avi captured was precious. Something magical happened that day and I fell more in love with myself and my beautiful man. My heart opened more fully and I was left with an impression that will never leave my mind. I'm eternally grateful for it all … for everything … for the team of talent who helped bring the art to life … the comfortable energy in the studio … the sincerity in everything you said … the sweetness … the permission to be myself … the chance to be a model … to be silly … to be sexy … to wear more make up than I've ever worn before … the chance to be free with my body … the connection … the art we will soon have hanging on our wall … for turning 40!!!! 
So much love and profound respect …

— BeAnne & Thomas, USA