Monika Mlinaric

To Avi Ohana and his amazing team,

My name is Monika Mlinaric and I am an emerging photographer at CATC design school, just a few blocks from your studio.

I had found myself one night walking past your studio and being mesmerised by your amazing photography, so I was intrigued to take a look in your studio.

I was greeted by a very well spoken, friendly gentlemen who turned out to be the one and only Avi Ohana. You gave me so much insight and valuable advice on this industry we call photography. I was taken back by your simple but thoughtful advice to stay true to your creative mind.

I would like to thank you for letting me enjoy your gallery and kind words of encouragement.
Our school is having a exhibition called Interlude and I would love to invite you and your team to be part of this event.

— Monika Mlinaric