Elizabeth B

Hope you are all well and making beautiful people feel even more beautiful. You are AMAZING with such a gift of making people feel "loooovely", no no "very sexy " and "relaxed" at the same time.

We have been busy, our daughter had another beautiful girl couple months ago. I am the proud grandmother of 3 of the most beautiful little girls. We final moved into our house in the beautiful xx, couple months ago after nearly 2 years to build. We are very happy here.

I had my beautiful photos framed by a local lady up here. I sure you will agree they look amazing. So proud of myself for getting them done and the way I feel about myself now. I love showing them off. When my friends see them they cant believe that it"s me. I get comments like "WOW, WOW, WOW". "Wow you are beautiful". One close friend said "That's not you, no way" she had to ask my husband is that really Liz? He said yes with a BIG smile on his face. One of my friends daughter thought I had them taken 20years ago, Pretty good for a 56 year old. Every one is amazed with them and love them. I love waking up and seeing them, Allan still smiling :) I wish everyone could experience how beautiful we all can be.

As my dear dad would say "NO REGRETS".

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

— Elizabeth B