Lynette, Australia

I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to you all for such an amazing and exciting day! i must admit i was terribly nervous in the week leading up to the shoot, and on the morning of the shoot, i wished i had trained harder in the gym or at least put it off another week. but i'm glad i didn't do that now.

alia, thank you for putting me at ease. as soon as i walked into the studio, you were so warm and friendly, and i felt right at home straight away. avi was so funny and i felt very comfortable with him immediately. by the way, i did have a very sore back the next day! rose, thank you for making me look and feel like a million dollars. i got quite a few stares walking back to the hotel that night!

i'll definitely be back for another shoot once i'm in better shape.

i will be back in sydney in a few months if not sooner, so will pop by to say hello.

— Lynette, Australia