John & Glynnis, Christchurch, NZ

Our pictures are now up on the wall and they look fantastic - they are the absolute focal point of our home now. The entire experience was so easy from the time we first walked into your gallery to look at the artworks with no plans to book a shoot, through to receiving our pictures beautifully framed and safely packaged in their shipping crate.

In the days leading up to the shoot, Glynnis was terrified but when the day arrived Alia did an amazing job putting her at ease, and Avi was a complete professional in producing tasteful images that made her look even more beautiful than in real life. She is so proud of the results and glad she conquered her nerves that she now recommends it to all her friends.

But imagine my surprise when the shoot was in progress to be invited (ordered?) to partake in an unplanned (by me at least) couples shoot. How could I say no when my beautiful wife had already bravely completed her shoot? It turned out to be the best thing I have ever done though, as the resulting picture is our favourite of the entire set. We cannot believe how well Avi captured our love for each other in a single image.

Delivery of the finished product was arranged by Alia. The shipping firm managed to slow the process down but Alia assisted to keep them moving, and the images, arriving on Valentines day of all days, were worth the wait.

Thank you Avi and Alia, we will always drop by to say hello when passing through Sydney and we recommend your talents to anyone looking for a personal and beautiful artwork for their home. Fondest regards

— John & Glynnis, Christchurch, NZ