Anonymous, Sydney

It was this time last month when very nervously we stepped into your studio and after several hours left feeling like we were different people. A life changing moment for us — and we thank you both again for making this such a memorable experience.

— Anonymous, Sydney

Peter & Jasmyn Wright, WA

We have always wanted to do a classy nude photoshoot but never really found the right person to do what we wanted that we felt comfortable with, being from Perth we often come to Sydney and came across Celebrity Studio’s flyer but did nothing with it. The next time we were in Sydney on business we stumbled across the studio and met the wonderful Avi and his beautiful wife Alia, who convinced us that now was as good a time as any, so we booked!

Feeling a little nervous, as this was very new to us, our nerves quickly passed when Avi made us both feel comfortable with complete professionalism, I actually felt like a model for the first time in my life and the photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Being married for 17 years and in our 40’s I did not think we could look 20 again, but Avi has a very real gift, and we are so amazed at how incredible our new artwork has turned out. We are so pleased and proud of what we have done, and if you are ever thinking of doing this…DON’T HESITATE, Avi and Alia are amazing at making you look and feel incredible and we cannot thank you both enough, we can’t wait to see what our friends say”

— Peter & Jasmyn Wright, WA

K & P, Adelaide

"We would like to thank you both for making us feel at ease throughout our photography session. You have made a special lifetime memory for us — one that we never thought we would make but one we will never forget. The experience was unreal, exciting and absolutely fantastic. Can you also pass our thanks on to the Juliette and Phoebe, who did the make-up and hairstyling — they did a great job.

Avi, you were amazing, highly professional and the photos you took were unbelievable — even while stretching us to our limits. We cannot wait until we have the photos hanging on our walls.

Alia, you made us feel so comfortable that we both felt like life-long friends of yours rather than just clients. You have a natural ability to make the whole experience so exciting and enjoyable.

Again we thank you both. You added a little extra spark to our lives — even after 37 years of marriage. It’s amazing what a new pair of stiletto heels and bright lights can do!”

— K & P, Adelaide

Pamela & Ron, USA

"Oh Avi, Avi Avi! Our photoes arrived, and What a wonderful surprise it is! We absolutely LOVE the book! Thank you, thank you!

We are excited to get the photos framed and hung! I’ll send pictures when we get them up!
We’ve been talking so much lately about our trip, and we so want to come back to Sidney to stay again.
We would love to have dinner and drinks with you and your beautiful Alia when that time comes. 
Blessings to you both.”

— Pamela & Ron, USA

Leah and Mark, USA

We received the art today, and we cried...

50 something is fabulous!! I will be 55 in a few days, and this art made me feel better about that... lol!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful book. It meant so much to us.

— Leah and Mark, USA

Dani. QLD

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful photos. I am absolutely thrilled and I will treasure them and the experience dearly! 

Please also feel free to send me through the documents relating to the gallery display.

Thank you again for everything. I will definitely repeat the experience in years to come and urge others to do so also.

— Dani. QLD

Terri H, USA

Just wanted to let you know that we have our photos at the frame shop and we should pick it up this week. We truly love both photos and enjoyed meeting you while we were in Sydney. Sounds like we may be back next year, perhaps we could schedule a shoot? I haven?t found anything else to complete the room... I will keep you posted...

— Terri H, USA

Matt Battison & Rhythm Sarmiento

Dear Avi and Alia,

We are eternally grateful for the work you and your staff have done. You have blessed us with the most memorable photographs we could ever have in a lifetime; all eleven images are ones we will cherish forever. Each day when we arrive home from work to our bedroom, where we have this gallery of imagery displayed, it fills us with a renewed sense of the husband and wife we are, and the love we have for each other.

We spent years evaluating our options in the United States, but no photographer's work quite fit our preferences. Then we took our first trip to Sydney, visited your studio, and we were in awe of your images -- such profound beauty of the human body and spirit. We continue to be amazed with the images we have now. Thank you, and we will look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work on your website in future.

— Matt Battison & Rhythm Sarmiento

Kent and Jerri R, USA

Jerri and I finally returned home and had a chance to open and review our gallery of art. Our anticipation was fulfilled! Somehow you guys managed to make my lovely wife even more beautiful and stunning than she is to me in real life. We have already been to a framing shop and have started thinking about frames and where we will place our prizes.

We will keep you posted as to how things go and also about any travel plans we might have to Sydney.

Thank you so much for working with us.

— Kent and Jerri R, USA