Matt Battison & Rhythm Sarmiento

Dear Avi and Alia,

We are eternally grateful for the work you and your staff have done. You have blessed us with the most memorable photographs we could ever have in a lifetime; all eleven images are ones we will cherish forever. Each day when we arrive home from work to our bedroom, where we have this gallery of imagery displayed, it fills us with a renewed sense of the husband and wife we are, and the love we have for each other.

We spent years evaluating our options in the United States, but no photographer's work quite fit our preferences. Then we took our first trip to Sydney, visited your studio, and we were in awe of your images -- such profound beauty of the human body and spirit. We continue to be amazed with the images we have now. Thank you, and we will look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work on your website in future.

— Matt Battison & Rhythm Sarmiento