KG, RB, L, H & B — SA

Finally we girls have gathered together again to share old and new memories and laughter together. Of course your name came up in our stroll through the memories of our Sydney trip, and we wanted to write and thank you and your team for making us look and feel so beautiful.
It took some time to get the framing done, but the photos in the boudoir are a thrill.  Thank you.

— KG

As the years continue to ravage one's face and body! I praise the genius of you and your gorgeous wife and cohorts in the creating my lasting lovely portraits so cunningly devised!
My works of art are always remarked upon by my visitors and the compliments well received.
Thank you for insisting on taking off my pants!

— RBx

Thanks for the lovely memories of Sydney 2013. The gorgeous photos give me constant smiles everyday with much happiness.

 — L