Paris & Danim, Sydney

Avi and Alia! After introduction, we both instantly felt at home. i was so comfortable during the shoot and you were both so Warm/Kind and Patient throughout it entirely. Rose (My makeup stylist) made me look and feel like a million dollars!! My Hair and Makep has never looked better! Thank you :) At the end of the shoot, we were able to discuss the Photos that we wanted, and Avi respected our choices :) i cant wait to hang the breathtaking gallery sized portrait in our home when we move into our new place.

There is absolutely no words to describe the stunning detailing and effort that was put into our photos. I have never seen anything like it. It is not just another photoshoot to Avi, he is very passionate and we felt extremely validated, Our friends and Family are in absolute Awe over our stunning Photos! and so they should be, they are incredible! It was an amazing experience and we are so in love with them.

A wonderful and Professional team.

Paris & Danim, Sydney