Nicolle, Canada

Just to let you know that the photographs arrived safely in Toronto today. As expected they are beautiful and I wish I looked like that everyday. My husband said I look like a 1950's movie star!

Avi, when we were choosing the pictures I remember you saying once I got them I will want more. you were right, except its my husband who wants it more!!

I really can't remember what they all looked like (and you told me that this would be a problem) I just remember that there were 18 of them that I loved.

How much would it be to have the other 5 more done but in your smallest size photo- not too big.

As for which ones, I truly can't recall them all I would trust you to choose the ones that you think are the best — you are the professional.

Please let me know if this is possible and what the price would be.

Thanks so much,

Warm regards from a chilly Canada