Madonna M, USA

I received the images on Friday, how quick was that?! They are now with a framer who is absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to frame such beautiful and artistic prints. The lady thought they were absolutely beautiful and so do I! I am very happy with them...they don't look overly touched up so I can see my various features still, including my moles and back dimples!

I have used metal colour flat 2 inch frames for the larger photos. I used a white mat for the larger portrait shaped photo of me squatting, but no mat for the lying down one - wanted to keep the panoramic view more and not make it too big in the end. She will use spacers so the glass is off the photo for alI of them. I have used a couple of different frames and mats for the two profile pictures. But she will be using museum quality glass for preservation and less reflection. Plus ensure the working area is completely clean to reduce the dust particles getting in.

They all won't be in the same area in my small one bedroom apartment so no problem in keeping the same theme in frames.

Thank you once again Avi for some beautiful artwork that will preserve my inner and outer beauty at this time in my life forever...if I do say so myself! Plus the fact I chose to go ahead with these photographs too is a big thing as well :-)

I will send photos once they are up in my apartment.

Madonna M, USA