Linda & Jay, California, USA

Shalom Avi and Alia,

We are now home! We enjoyed our travels and especially our very memorable and extremely professional experience at your studio.

While we were viewing the photos Avi, you had made some very nice comments. We were in such awe of your work that I did not comment back at the time (words could not describe how I felt) and all I can say even now is, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We were so happy with the photos. My husband said, “we are going to purchase one or two” and you know how that went. We purchased almost all the shots. Now we have to build a new room to hang all the photos we purchased and we are awaiting your and Alias’ visit to Las Vegas. You could probably schedule a lot of work while you are here.

Avi, your wonderful pictures got him to do something I have been trying to do for years….. spend money. I love it!

We cannot wait for the finished photos to arrive. Can you please give us an estimated arrival date? Please take care and thanks to you and Alia again.


Linda & Jay, California, USA