Lee Bargwanna, Sydney

My journey with Avi started when I required an updated portfolio, I made a vow to myself that only the best would do and the photographer had to have the eye of an artist first and foremost; what drew me to Avi was the fact that when looking at his work, I felt I was peering into a world of beauty that is hidden behind the lens of his camera, his work was unlike anything I'd seen from any other professional or talented amateur.

And that's the gift Avi is blessed with, and its a gift I was lucky enough to have shared with me: his amazing ability to see the potential of his subjects and through flawless technique and direction to capture that with the snap of his camera and immortalize them in art. Its one thing to create art with the stroke of a brush or to craft it by hand, but when Avi takes a subject, me in this case and transforms them into a litteral example of "Life imitating art", it will take your breath away.

Everyone at Celebrity Vogue have displayed a level of professionalism, honesty and humanity that is very hard to come by and it comes from the respect that everyone holds in Avi, he is someone whose work is left to speak for itself, and that's why Avi and everyone at Celebrity Vogue are the only Photography studio I'll genuinely recommend.

The only upsetting experience I had throughout this journey was having to choose which shots I'd give priority to; Avi's work is so incredible that its difficult to narrow down what to take home. Uncompromising, flawless and powerful are the only way to describe what Avi will produce, and he's his own harshest critic and will not settle for anything less.

My time with Celebrity Vogue, along with the photos by Avi is something I'll cherish; you made me into a timeless piece of art Avi and you have my deepest thanks, I'll be seeing you again soon.

Lee Bargwanna, Sydney