Jens & Patricia, Switzerland

How are you? Did you enjoy your vacation? Im sure you did:-) you forgot to come to switzerland ...?!?! :-)

On our side were all good - getting organized for the wedding which is gonna take place on santorini / Greece next year :-) we are of course very excited....

We framed the Pictures - they look amazing!
we got really nice frames - and the guy which framed them did a great job and was very impressed by your work! actually everyone is who saw the fotos :-) they all have the big "wow" effect on their face!

Jens's dad was just in sydney and he told us that he saw a article in a magazine from you!
You really are famos :-)!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to thank you again for the great time that we had with
both of you and the amazing job you did!

— Jens & Patricia